Dementia Café

About Us

Larkhill Dementia Café is a voluntary organisation open to support both ‘Carers and their Cared For’ who are living with Dementia. We offer support and signposting, we actively promote social inclusion and interaction whilst entertaining you with our choirs, singers, comedians, etc.

Your involvement in this group is imperative, we care what you want and want to introduce anything you feel we can help you with, to make your lives easier, so come and join us, have a laugh, tell us what more we can do for you in your role as Carers of someone living with DEMENTIA.

Prior to Covid, we had been open for approx. 13 years, we are now back up and running


Day and Time of Meeting (1st & 3rd Saturday Monthly)

Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm

Contact Us

Dawn Cox 07708 430887